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Ep 01 - "CAMP" by L.C. Rosen

I would have LOVED a queer camp like this growing up - I was well into my twenties before I found myself surrounded by a handful of other queer people. I genuinely love reading about queer teenagers and young adults with their “found family” so early in their lives. I can only imagine how my own queer development would have been affected (for the better) had I been around a queer support system when I was younger. Also, as a theatre kid (someone might need to keep track of how many times I say that), I am obsessed with the big, queer musical the camp puts on every year. I know that this is exactly where I would find myself.

Although there are a lot of fun moments in the book, a central theme is that of internalized homophobia - specifically, the preference for “masc4masc”. This is such an important conversation we need to keep having - homophobia continues to run rampant within the queer community, and we need to start discussing if some of the things we call “preferences” are actually just homophobic, racist, and harmful behaviours.

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