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Ep 02 - "A STRANGE LOOP" by Michael R. Jackson

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Listen ... you have no idea how incredibly hard it was for me NOT to sing moments from the musical while talking about it on the podcast!! I was lucky enough to see it on Broadway a couple of months ago, and it truly was one of the most unique and original new musicals I have seen - it could not be more deserving of its 2022 Tony Award for Best Musical.

If you aren't used to reading plays or musicals, I highly recommend it. To enhance your experience, play the cast recording and follow along, pausing the music for the sections of dialogue!

This musical deals with some heavy and complex topics - religion, racism, homophobia, strained family relationships - and it goes about exploring them in a very introspective way. Reading and watching this show really made me think deeply about how I could relate aspects of my own life to what the musical was exploring (namely, Usher's queerness and feeling disconnected with religion). Additionally, the show also really highlighted issues that, as a white person, are things I don't experience and need to be more aware of, especially within the queer community. This show makes me think - am I holding space for black voices? Am I doing my best to be anti-racist?

I could not recommend this musical enough - and as of today, A Strange Loop has announced its closing date on Broadway in January 2023. If you have the chance to see it on stage, do not hesitate.

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